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The pea pod planter is a brand new product.    The first batch are currently being made at our factory and will be available for sale  in November.  If you want to be  the first one to own one of these then place your reservation now.

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  The peapod is a revolutionary new product.  It is a  large decorative planter designed for growing pea shoots at home.  The peapod is a massive 42cm in length with 4 peas that can be used for planting pea shoots.  Simply fill the peas with our special planting medium, add the pea seeds, water and wait.  In about 2 weeks you will have fresh pea shoots ready to eat.

The pea shoots have a number of health benefits.  They are a good source of folic acid as well as vitamins A and C.  They can be used uncooked in salads or as an ingredient to cooking to add a strong pea flavour.  

The peapod comes with everything that you need to produce pea shoots, apart from water. Full instructions are provided.

The Magic Seeder is an essential tool for all gardeners.  These seeders are perfect for sowing a wide range of small seeds.

A must for all gardeners both amateur and professional.

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at the 2004 South West Regional Growers Show

The Magic Seeder

The Magic Seeder is a new product to UK horticulture. It is a simple to use and extremely efficient hand held seeder. It will cope with seeds up to 2 mm in size. It is ideal for accurate sowing of seeds in plug trays, pots or seed trays.  The Magic Seeder is used by the Royal Horticultural Society.  




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