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The Magic Seeder

In 2001 West Country Nurseries in Cornwall were looking for a semi automatic seeder for their nursery.  After much searching The Magic Seeder was found.  After extensive trials The Magic Seeder Company Limited was formed to make the seeders available throughout Europe.

The offices for The Magic Seeder Company are situated on the edge of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall.  From these offices the seeders are supplied across the country.

In 2004 The Magic Seeder won the award for the best new retail product at the South West Regional Growers Show in Exeter.

The following year the seeder was re-designed and manufacture moved to the UK.

There are now two versions of the Magic Seeder.  The original  Connecticut seeder has a round body with a screw on cap.  This version is imported.

The Cornwall seeder has a square body making it easier to grip. It also has a clip on top. This is now made in the UK.

Both versions are easy to use.

PeaPod planter

The Peapod planter was designed as a fun way to grow pea shoots.  The peapod is a revolutionary new product.  It is a large decorative planter designed for growing pea shoots at home.  

The peapod is a massive 42cm in length with 4 peas that can be used for planting pea shoots.  Simply fill the peas with our special planting medium, add the pea seeds, water and wait.  In about 2 weeks you will have fresh pea shoots ready to eat.

The pea shoots have a number of health benefits.  They are a good source of folic acid as well as vitamins A and C.  They can be used uncooked in salads or as an ingredient to cooking to add a strong pea flavour.  

The peapod comes with everything that you need to produce pea shoots, apart from water.  Full instructions are provided.

PeaPod planter

Cornwall Seeder

LED Lights

Connecticut Seeder

Self balancing scooter


LED Lighting

.This is the first of a new range of exercise machines.

The new ab twister is a great little machine.

Excellent for body sculpting and development of abs

A wide range of LED lamps are being imported.  These fall into different categories including floodlights, High bay lights, Low bay lights, Streetlights, T8 tubes.  

The LED’s are of the highest quality.  We do not source based on price but on quality.

As well as the above lamps we can also source high quality lights for specialist installations.   

Not to be confused with many of the inferior scooters. This is absolutely the best quality and design. More expensive than some but worth every penny. This is the high quality larger scooter with the 10 inch wheels and Union Jack design. Bigger, Faster and Better


Distance: 20km (depends on rider's weight, road conditions, etc)

Battery: 36V * 4.4AH (160WH) Samsung lithium battery

Adapter Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.5A

Low Battery Protection: Yes

Color: Union Jack

Tire Diameter: 255mm / 10in

Weight: 13/15KG

Maximum loads: 130KG

Self balance scooter

Abs Twister