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The Magic Seeder is now an established horticultural product.     It is a  simple to use and extremely efficient hand held seeder.     

It will cope with seeds up to 2 mm in size.    It is ideal for accurate sowing of seeds in plug trays, pots or seed trays. 

The Magic Seeder comes in two different   models: The Cornwall and The Connecticut. 

The Magic Seeder is an essential tool for all gardeners.  A must for all gardeners both amateur and professional.  


How to use the Magic Seeder

Using the Magic Seeder is really easy.  Remove the cap, insert the seeds and then refit the cap.  Hold the seeder at an angle and gently press the plunger.  It is a good idea to try it over a sheet of paper when you first start.  You can adjust the number of seeds by changing the angle that you hold the seeder and by varying the amount of pressure that you use to press the plunger.

Cornwall Seeder

Connecticut Seeder

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